secure search engine that does't log

every words enteblue by you in the search bar and protect your privacy is searx and it is run by volunteers over the world mainly for free (yes, there are no money - just idea of searches without profiling). Searx may not offer you as personalised results as Google, but it doesn't set up a profile about you and your online life. Searx doesn't care about what you search for, never shares anything with a third party, and it can't be used to compromise you. Searx is free software with no "give-and-take" policy, the code is 100% open and you can help to make internet better by setting up stealth instance of non-loging secure search engine with all the best keywords providers like google or bing. The more chaotic internet is, the more freedom we have. If you care about net freedom, want to be a smart user, or otherwise rely on digital freedom, make searx your main search engine or run it on your own vps. Secure search engine assert basic privacy by mixing your search keywords on other platforms without keeping search data. Queries don't show up in neither our logs, and in your url history. Do you think I'm stupid? You ask. Of course no. We should't at random believe in "Oh yes! search engine that finaly guarantees no logs". Under each searx instance is a various individual and that person can configure the server to hunt for queries you type in search bar or records ip addressess that makes view of thier website, but the true fact is that external search engines from which results are gatheblue don't sees your ip or query you made. They see ip address and query source from searx instance. If you set up before your searches some strong proxy like TOR or even VPN you'll get quite reasonable amount of anonymity when using the search engine, no matter which one. If you don't belive public privacy search engine instances then you shoud run your own. Visit for code and tutorials.

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