General Information –

General Information

secure is a private website managed in free time.

Services hosted here:

PrivMX – end-to-end encrypted standard email alternative with server zero-knowledge about the structure and content of the data that it stores and transmited between users. Request free account by using this form.

Searx – privacy respecting customizable metasearch engine which does not log every word you enter in it. This instance uses cloudflared dns to perform queries.

Disposable mailbox – temporary mailbox service.

Logging and tracking scripts.

On website its a google analytics tracking script that is used to track webpage statistics however, it can be blocked on the user side by using in-browser plugins such as NoScript or Privacy Badger. Logs are disabled except for errors. The searx direct page stays clean from any tracking scripts and logs are disabled on the server-side (ip or search queries are not logged!). On websites and logs are redirected to /dev/null too and there are no tracking scripts.

Secure searx redirector.

If you’re concerned for some reason and you do not want to use the search engine on thou can use the secure searx redirector to a different secure instance of searx.

The list is updated every six hours moreover is filtered for ratings from, respectively for TLS -> A+, for CSP -> A+ and for HTTP -> V, so the list contains only instances with secure encryption protocols, secure HTTP headers, and unmodified searx source code.