Alternative Search Engine – SearX

Are you tired of the fact that almost every popular search engine generates a profile about you that’s used most likely, assume “for advertising purposes” and based on the words and phrases or interests your research?

In a world populated by nearly 7 thousand million and a level of computerization, these remain huge amounts of data worth a lot of money for those interested in it. Behavioral advertising has become something normal and when you search for something on a website such as Google, being logged in, they suggest to you ads compared to your searches  through the search engine. I do not judge people who consciously or unconsciously allow this practice, although some of them may not even realize that they can stop saving search history or locations in their privacy settings. Everyone has their mind and decides for self how many big companies can interfere in the name of their convenience.

Several alternative web search solutions, that may not give you so personalized search results as Google but also don’t want anything from you in return. They do not save your search history. Search engines caring for your privacy aggregating search results from many search engines (e.g. Google, Bing, etc.) are a great replacement. These include, for example, Duckduckgo, Disconnect, Startpage or Metager. However, in my opinion, the best search engine that protects privacy is the SearX search engine.

SearX is a meta search engine that returns search results from dozens of other search engines, including Google, Bing, Duckduckgo, Startpage and many, many more. SearX does not place any tracking cookies on your device and the URL with each query is cleared from everything that could trace you. SearX does not generate any profile about you based on your searches. Your IP address is hidden from search engines because the query to them originates from the IP server of the SearX instance. It is also open-source, which means that anyone can install it, e.g. on a VPS server. You can also use one of the many public instances available on, what in the name of the rule – “the more chaotic the Internet is – the more freedom we have” gives more anonymity. However, you should know that behind every public instance there is a person that for some reason can log data such as IP or search phrases with the auto-complete function enabled.
meta search engine
A very interesting feature of the SearX search engine is the capability to play music and video directly in the search results. This feature requires javascript enabled. As with search results, if you play directly in the browser, your IP is hidden from the server from which the media comes. You can use searx syntax, e.g. on Soundcloud or Youtube. However, if you want to search for a file on the BitTorrent network after selecting the “Files” category, the search engine will return the link to the magnet address or torrent file in its results. Under the „Map” category you’ll get desired map and details in results. After entering the word “ip” in the search engine, we will display the current IP address you use. The same applies to the word “user agent” – returns the current user agent of the web browser.

I would highly recommend using the SearX search engine if you value online privacy.